05 August 2011

Proof of the Puff

And here's the first picture of the ball...with a baby
If you're dying to make one let me know and I'll send you instructions

02 August 2011

Topher + Jillian = Tollian

This poor blog is so neglected.  I have many an adventure to blog about...I just don't have the "umph" to do it.  So...as is the pattern for 2011, I'll post about what happened three months ago...starting with Christoper and Jillian's wedding.

Tollian were married in Scranton Pennsylvania (home to Dunder Mifflin) and near the famed Mormon site on the bank of the Susquehanna River.  Lori, Dave, and I escaped there for a bit of site seeing.  This is what we saw...

A cemetery:

The river bank:
And each other:
After our field trip we headed to the rehearsal.  Mormons aren't use to wedding rehearsals so it was quite the experience for the Hanson clan
 Ringo wanted to be in the wedding (he even dressed for the occasion) but alas, his statue-like skills were booted out of the line.
 On the day of the wedding the bride's family and all of the bridesmaids loaded up in a huge party bus.  Jillian's brothers, Kyle and Cory, had to have a few cold ones before they felt comfortable in those tuxedos.
Of course it was drizzling on the day of the wedding, which made the bridesmaid dresses look less lime Popsicle and more "early spring green".
 The ceremony was awesome
 And Topher looked so happy...
As did lucky man Kyle...but not for the same reasons.
Dave earned the MVP for the week.  He literally saved the Hansons from catastrophe more than once.  I think we'll adopt him and bring him to every family function.  
 The rents were estatic
 And we were freezing
 But we looked good
 Well...most of the time
 Topher couldn't take his eyes off of his bride
 I couldn't keep my eyes off of their cake
 Or the beautiful flowers
Lori and I are super excited to have another sister.  We've already informed her that we'll let her be in charge of our parents once they reach the stage when they need someone in charge of them.  She accepted with a smile.
Here we are reveling in the fact that Jillian will take the rents (tee-hee, we still love you parent!)
The MVP and me
FINALLY they cut into that cake and it tasted as good as it looked
After several hours Topher and Jillian loaded up and left the party...
And then they came back because Jillian couldn't find her make up bag.  In fact, no one could find her makeup bag...so she did what any bride on her wedding day would do.  She headed to Walgreen's in her wedding dress and restocked.

It was a fabulous day and a fabulous trip.  In spite of Topher's anxiety, the Hansons got along famously with the Ceccis.

Now...all we need is two more weddings, no funerals and a lottery winning!