27 October 2011

Sum-Sum-Summertime: Part Seis

One of the greatest parts about having a friend who is a photographer is she's willing to barter.  So while I was home Koug from Kristy Mayes Photography spent an afternoon with me...and the grossest house on the planet, taking pics.  The fabulous Amy, who is a makeup extraordinaire, made me pretty and off we went. 

Koug really does work wonders.

I won't lie, I love the rapper coat/face
Thanks Kristy for the pics!!!!  and for the mold I inhaled while traipsing around that nasty house!

If you're in the SLC area and need some personal, private, or family pics done, I highly recommend Kristy Mayes Photography...message me and I'll send you her deets.

20 October 2011

Sum-Sum-Summertime: Part Cinco

Christopher and Jillian journeyed to Utah to be sealed.  Since this was Jillian's first time in Utah we started at the center:  Temple Square.
I love temple square, the flowers are perfect.
The reflecting pond is spectacular.
The architecture is awesome.
The building are great outside and in.
And of course Christopher and Jillian were adorable.
Christopher and Jillian were sealed in the Logan temple.  Lori and I were in charge of the cake.  While at Costco we realized that Jillian didn't have a bouquet, and every bride needs a bouquet.  So we bought some flowers and came up with this in the car.  We are very resourceful ladies.
After the ceremony...they're so cute.
The family photo.  We told the parents to savor the moment because it may be the one and only family photo in front of a temple.
Lots of friends and family were able to celebrate with them.  It was a great day!
For my final Utah hurrah, Lori and I took a tour of Kenecott Mine...the largest open pit mine in the world.  It's crazy huge!
I was most intrigued by the gigantic trucks with their enormous tires.
My inner 4-year-old was in heaven with the mechanics of it all.