24 March 2012

Off the Wagon

I wish I could say that my desire to write about my life is the inspiration behind this post...but the reality is I was sick of looking at that damn rutabaga picture form the last post.  I'll be honest.  I fell off the new vegetable a week wagon.  It ended when I bought a bunch of collard greens that eventually rotted in my fridge.  It's not that I don't like vegetables...I'm just too busy to deal with them.  So, my one New Year's resolution has been x'd from my life.  Although I have eaten radishes and avocado since the rutabaga and I liked them both.

Now...on to the rest of my life (a rushed catch up)....

For Christmas I whipped out a bunch of scarves
They are super easy to make, just a bit time consuming.  So in the name of efficiency I kept the sewing machine pedal floored.  I was zipping all over that fabric when I broke the needle...
...off in my finger.
Now, this picture was taken after it stopped gushing blood.  The needle went through my finger and out the other end.  Fortunately it was eons away from any bones.  Other than an entry and exit wound, there was minimal damage.  The needle however...
It split into three parts.  The middle part is still missing...strange.

My awesome 8-year-old friend sent me a Flat Stanley...named Flat Beudrey.  I had the pleasure to taking Flat Beau with me on a tour of my life.  When he arrived he was a bit under dressed for the weather.  So I made him some jeans, a U of MN t-shirt, a coat and a matching scarf to keep him toasty.
He explored the U of MN underground tunnels (we live like gophers during the winter)
He hung with my fish
Went to work and spent some quality time with my Hello Kitty collection.
He visited the Mall of America.
And even got a special trip to the Target headquarters where he hung out with lots of dogs in a shopping cart built just for him.
It was a blast to be the recipient of a Flat Stanley.  I have always wanted to receive one and Beudrey made my dream come true.  Thanks Beau!

For Spring Break I headed back to DC for more time with the babies...oh how I love those babies.  For Mer's birthday I watched all three kids while she and Dan spent the night away.  It was a bit of an eye opener to go from no kids to three kids in a matter of minutes.  But my only goal was to keep everyone alive and I was successful.  The experience solidified that I do NOT want to be a full time single parent and having multiples is probably more than I can handle.

Topher and Jillian were there in the morning to help me out...the gang probably wouldn't have fared so well if they hadn't been.   After Dan and Mer relieved us of our duties Topher, Jillian and I went down to the National Mall for a bit of sight seeing.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and there was one cherry tree in full blossom:
On the way back to Mer's I gave in and took advantage of the pole on the metro...the nastiest, germ covered pole on the planet.  My moves are a lot better when I'm not wearing jeans, boots, and scared of catching a communicable disease.  None-the-less, it wasn't 1/2 bad.
I took a vacation from my vacation and headed to South Carolina for a few days.  I've never been to South Carolina and I had no idea what was in store for me there.  Just south of the border of North Carolina is this:
South of the Border is a town of sorts.  It was the most bizarre place I've ever seen in. my. life.  I just sat in my car and looked at the deserted tackiness with awe.  I felt like I was on a movie set...a movie set that has a store where you can buy candy cigarettes and "biscuit syrup"...whatever the hell that is.
SC was amazing and exceeded my expectations.  The Atlantic is beautiful.  Sure, I'm a bit partial to the Pacific's ruggedness, but the Atlantic is smooth and beautiful and I really, really want to go back and play on all of that sand.  Oh the castles I could build!
I also visited Magnolia Plantation 
It was so beautiful that I actually forgot to take pictures of everything.  The Azaleas were in full bloom.  They were breathtaking.
I want a garden full of azelias when I grow up.  I would also like some sweet Spanish Moss.  It's so "Old South" and just drips from the trees.
I also would not mind a white bridge in my future
 I saw Cypres trees for the first time in my life. 
 I guess they shoot out these little nubbins along the bank.
In true Carrie style I attempted to be impressive with my knowledge of all things nature.  So when I was told that the Cypress is related to the Red Wood I said, "oh, I love woody trees".  Because you know, there's a difference between a tree and a "woody tree"...go ahead mom, file that in the "In the water?" file.

There were alligators in South Carolina...lots of them.  
I saw at least 15 on the plantation and was warned to "watch out" for them when I went for a jog.  In Minnesota we watch out for other Minnesotans when we jog, not left over dinosaurs...eek. 
This one was HUGE!
I also visited the Angel Oak (another woody tree)
It was absolutely phenomenal.  It is approximately 1500 years old and twists, falls, and rises in every direction possible.  It's canopy was an intricate tangle of arteries with veins of leaves and I fell in love.  Next time I'm going to bring my sketch book and let the life of the tree spill onto the empty pages.

South Carolina was full of surprises...I ate shrimp and grits, raw beef, amazing tacos, and THE BEST WINGS in the world.  I also spent time with a dread pirate and learned lots of fun historical facts about Charleston.  I loved it.  Thanks South Carolina for making me fall in love with you!

I spent the final days of Spring Break with this critter:
Oh how I loves her and hers cheeks!  We hung out quite a bit and I enjoyed every minute of it.
And I had lots of time and love with this one.
He calls me Auntie Carrie and isn't afraid to tell me to "clean up (my) mess".  He lets me give him oodles of squeeze pops and he holds my hand.  He is such an amazing little guy.  I love love this little man.

And last but certainly not least is this guy:
Thomas is the most smiley baby I've ever seen.  He's chillax as they come and he lets me play with his toes.  Baby feet are one of God's greatest creations.  Anyone who disagrees has obviously never felt their soft pudginess. 
That's my life...up till today.