24 October 2012


I fear that so many amazing albums have been release recently that there's nothing left and it will be back to the musical desert for months, if not years.  But until then, let's squeal like tweeners at a Bieber's concert about the new Shiny Toy Guns album.

Granted, it's no We Are Pilots but Carah Faye is back and that makes the album magical.  Another thing that makes it magical?  The fact that there's a song titled Carrie...check it out:
But my favorites are:
And several more...

Sigh...music makes life worth living.

22 October 2012

Strange Shiz

So this is how my life goes....blah, blah, blah...*crazy cosmic crap* like giving CPR to a homeless man...blah, blah, blah...*crazy cosmic crap* like buying five special needs fish...blah, blah, blah...*crazy cosmic crap* like almost losing an eye in a bungee cord accident...blah, blah, blah...*crazy cosmic carp* like spending the afternoon trying to help a paralyzed squirrel.

Yes.  A paralyzed squirrel.

What can I say.  Mother Earth loves him too.  I couldn't just leave him there, clawing his way across the grass, dragging his bloody hind legs behind him.  I know.  I tried. 

But bless his little heart, he DID NOT want to get inside the cardboard box that was waiting to transport him to the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  That's when I got hospital security and maintenance involved.  Oh sure, they thought I was ca-ray-zay, but honestly, it was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.  His little paws clawing at the grass, reaching, frantically...ugh, my heart broke.  So I looked that security guard and maintenance man in the eye and said, "you'll feel good about yourself as a human being for helping this little critter out".  They rolled their eyes and reluctantly helped me wrangle him into the box.  They then proceeded to take me into the hospital to find some duck tape so I could secure the box...no one wanted a 1/2 paralyzed squirrel busting out of the box in my car. 

I think that guard and maintanance guy felt their true humanity at that moment.


So, with the squirrel in the box I started the drive to the rehab center...the entire time singing this in my head:

BUT, being a trained trauma professional I knew **** in a Box would not be the soothing sound the little varmint needed at that specific moment (although I personally think **** in a Box is fitting for just about any other moment).

So, I perused through the sounds of the Twin Cities and finally landed on MPR and a debate on the same sex marriage amendment.  THAT my friends is EXACTLY what a 1/2 paralyzed squirrel needs on his way to rehab.

I'm not entirely sure, but he may have died on the way to the facility.  I say that because the moment we sealed that box there wasn't even a slight movement inside that box.  I'd like to think he felt comforted all snuggled in my emergency fleece jacket (the one I kept in the trunk in case my car ever broke down on a -50 degree day) and fell asleep.  But chances are he went into cardiac arrest and the stress of what had just happened killed him.

I wasn't curious enough to check.

So I walked in the center, handed the box to the nice rescue lady, gave a donation, then asked what their treatment protocol was for 1/2 paralyzed squirrels.  She launched into her vet lingo and started talking x-rays, blah, blah, blah.

I cut her off.

"You're going to put him to sleep aren't you."

She looked at the floor.

"That's ok" I said, "better he die here, somewhat peacefully, than starving and freezing to death on the hospital grounds."

She gave me a small smile and I left.

And I had a slight meltdown.  Like an entire bag of cookies kind of meltdown.

Whew, sometimes life is just too, too much. 

07 October 2012

Oh What a Month It Was...

...for music that is.  I don't think I would have survived September with it's brutal return to school, eye injury, and other unpleasantries had it not been for the flood of awesome music releases.  Between Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Mumford & Sons, and an evening with Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION I survived. 

First up was the Imagine Dragon release.  My favorite on the Night Visions album:
Up next was The Killers with Battle Born.  Brandon Flowers was/is/and always will be a #1 crush in my mind and heart.  This song gives me goosebumps.
I love this album so much my friend didn't even have to attempt to convince me to spend New Year's in Vegas at their concert.  I'm fairly certain it will be an epic way to end 2012 and to start 2013.

Mid Month I went to Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION.  They played at a sweet little venue next to campus (it doesn't get more convenient than that!).
 Of course I went in glasses with one wonky eye...and Kit, I also went with Kit.
Imagine Dragons did not disappoint.  They are new to fame and at that precious point where they are still humbled by their success.  The energy was amazing...so was being in the 3rd row...sure, I almost got into a fist fight with a girl who thought she could push me out of the way and take my coveted 3rd row spot.  For the record, she backed down first...I'm sure my one freaked out eye helped convince her not to tangle with me.
Except for the awesome stage setup, AWOLNATION was a total disappointment.  I was so, so sad.  Their sound was horrible.  So horrible that we left early.   
While their music was unrecognizable live, there is redemption (and proof) that they are amazing.
The month ended with Mumford & Sons new album.  To say I'm in love is an understatement.  I didn't fall in love immediately but when I did fall, I fell hard.  This one grabbed me immediately... 
Oh. So. Good.

Sigh.  If only ever month was as musically grad as September was.

02 October 2012

Eye Update...

I giggle every time I look at myself.  I mean, how can I not?  I thought I struggled in the attractive department before the Great Bungee Disaster of 2012...but this...this makes me miss the good ol days when I wasn't banned from wearing contacts or eye makeup.  I mean, I look like a half stoned tree hugging circus carnie with a concussion...not exactly the look I was hoping for Fall 2012.   But it's the look I'll be sporting until the doctor says otherwise.

On the super bright side, a coworker gave me a pair of those HUGE sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses.  They make driving a lot easier, that one eye shut thing just wasn't cutting it during my early morning commute.

So twhoot to compassionate coworkers and old lady glasses.  There comes a point in life when you just can't afford to have shame.  Sometimes functionality has to win over vanity...and in my case, it won and it won hard.