26 January 2013

Sota Still Here

So I'm back in the Min and nose deep in school again...this has to be what purgatory is like.  Same song, different day.  To keep me sane I keep remembering how I felt here...
Because I felt GREAT.

Since returning I have done a bit of crafting...like one day...I made "take what you need" boxes...because let's be honest, sometimes you need a little extra faith, hope, or love in your life.
I've also spent a lot of time looking at loved ones pinned to my fridge.
And I played some broomball...on ice.  It was fun, cold, but fun (I'm just as bad at broomball as I am at everyother sport).
And I've continued my 2013 concert spree.  First I saw Agustana.  They were spectacular.  I may have shed a tear during one of their songs.  
And then I ventured out a week later on a sub zero night (like a feels like -26 night) to see Keane.  Sad to say they didn't live up to the expectation Augustana had set, and the super drunk girl who kept rubbing up against my boobs all night didn't help either.  Sometimes I hate drunk people.
I also found this gem of a pic...
Proof that I once dabbled in immodesty (I do believe there's a little nip-slip in this pic).  But I was kind of cute and obviously oblivious to the PhD hell I would one day submerge myself in.

If only we could stay young and dumb forever.

03 January 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New

I escaped Minnesota (and it's frigid, but beautiful weather) and finished up finals in Utah
Finals...it's like giving birth for 2 weeks...actually I have no idea if it's anywhere close to giving birth, but I'm dramatic and finals are painful so I'm sticking with it.  Seriously, I thought I was going to stroke out and as soon as I hit "send" on that final final I crashed...right there, in the middle of Equitable Life & Casualty.
After I woke up I dove into holiday festivities.  Christmas break 2012 started with the annual friend party.  Koug was the hostess and it was amazing.  It began when I burst through the door yelling "SORRY WE'RE LATE" while the rest of the party was in the middle of a prayer over the food.  Now, if you knew my friends you'd probably wonder why they were praying...because as soon as everyone says "amen" the chach-talk starts and it never ends.  This year's party was one for the books.  Lori played garden gnome 
and the 2nd best gift was this boob. 
I admit, I wish I'd taken the boob home with me, but alas I left with a vintage reproduction of a Maverik Mug.  I was excited to say the least.

I spent several days up nort with friends and took the time to run some mountainous trails.  Oh how I love frozen mountainous trails. 
The way the ice forms over the streams just makes me giddy.
While out for a jog one afternoon I ran across this awesome nativity:
Yep, there is a baby Jesus in the manger and every animal decoy in production.  Classy.

Christmas Eve was spent with my sister Lori and our friends Dave and John.  Between the Portlandia reruns, Fireball shots, and coveted Hostess products, we had a fantastic time.
Then I got the flu.  I'll spare you the details.

I met up with my sister from another mister Karli and we went to Les Mis...man, I had forgotten how much singing is in that production.  But considering I had subzero expectations I was pleasantly surprised (I should have subzero expectations about everything in life).
Miss Karli and I had a fantastic time...of course we did, by the end of the night we'd eaten our weight in Italian food, seen a movie, added a body piercing (well, one of us did), and shopped the Trader Joe's.  You can't go wrong with that combo!

My final 2012 hurrah consisted of a five day road trip through four states with two friends.  It was amazing.

We went though nowheresville Utah

Into Nowheresville Arizona
And landed in Nowheresville Nevada.
Where we caught a concert
No, not that concert, another concert.  We stayed in a Vegas hotel on the strip and dressed like groupies.
Then hopped the train and headed to the Cosmopolitan.
But not before passing the Eiffel Tower.  
And Chihuly's Belagio display
And ate at the Wicked Spoon...where they make wicked mac n' cheese.
Then we headed upstairs to see one of my favorites
And even though I was totally ill from what I'd eaten hours before, they put on an AMAZING show. 
The next morning we got up and traveled through Nowheresville California
Until we reached Peggy Sue's Mojave oasis of delight.  
They had deep fried pickles AND a Diner-Saur exhibit...

 What's that you say?  King Kong is not a dinosaur?  Well according to Peggy Sue he is.
When all the driving was done we landed in Newport Beach, CA.  It was spectacular...
It was also Natalie's birthday....here she is on the beach
The next morning was my birthday.  I started it off with a faux jog around the bay
I guess there is a pedestrian problem in sunny Cal-I-Forn-I-A.
You should also carry trash bags and shovels when you go riding.
I knew the day was going to be magical when I pulled FOUR red gummy bears out of the bag.
And special it was.  I spent the day here...
Looking at the critters in the tide pools
I LOVE tide pools!  And I just plain love the ocean. 
 How can you not?
Natalie relived Bay Watch 
We also spent part of the day here...
Watching a beggar of a sea lion
And got artsy with our poses

I loved the pier

And even though it was still 2012, I was celebrating like it was 2013 (because technically it was...in Holland)
We also had Bluth bananas...because "there's money in the banana stand"
My favorite pic of the entire trip:
We met up with my friend Brian and went to a New Year's Eve party where in addition to 2,000 people and techno music, they had entertainment.
We rang in the New Year with a rabid farewell to 2012 and a "well hello there" to 2013.

Then we stopped to get gas and followed the friendly health conscious California gas station yoga directions.
Then we headed back to the beach
For some beach cruising 
And Americana
Then we loaded up, exhausted and happy girls, and headed back the way we came.

Fantastic break.  Fantastic fun.  Fantastic start to a new year.