07 April 2013

The Never Ending Winter

I was born in the dead of Winter.  I've always LOVED Winter.  Until 2013 came and I found myself still in Minnesota.  This year has been relentless.  The cold never ends (I'm still waiting for it to end).  And last August I told my self "no art" until Summer 2013 because I'm drowning in school work and work work and anxiety about everything and I need to focus on getting done and out of this phase of life.  OUT OUT I say, OUT.

But the endless darkness and sub zero temps wore me down and mid February I broke my art ban with a bit of book folding.  I started with a simple design
Then decided to give a full word a try
And I ended with a letter for a baby shower.  Everyone was assigned a letter to be hung on my friend's nursery wall.  I figured I would do my best to stand out...mission accomplished.
It warmed up to 40 one and the ice started to melt.  So I threw on my running tights and went out.  It was beautiful.
Really beautiful
And one snowy, snowy trail.  I should have thrown on the crampons because my run turned into a very caution trek across ice.  I loved it anyway.  
How could you not?
Then one day I came home to find Lola had broke.  Yes, I have another broken fish.  She's alive, she just can't swim.  Broke.  Poor baby girl just lies on the bottom of the tank waiting for me to drop food next to her.  We're a rag-tag bunch, my fish and I.  We're all broken in our own special ways.
And then Natalie came to visit, and we did what Natalie and Carrie do best...we went adventuring.  And what did we find???  The Cheese Cave...
Oh my.  I can't even begin to tell you how famazing this place is.  There is an actual cave in Faribault MN where they make AND age their cheese.  And they don't make just any cheese, they make the most wonderful blue cheese and Gouda.  I almost died from sheer joy.  They also have a wonderful little cafe where they serve cheese laden products.  Natalie and I sampled a bit of everything including beer cheese soup, a Gouda/bacon/walnut salad, a chipotle gouda/prosciutto pizza, and we were so complimentary to the chef that he gave us a slice of his GORGONZOLA cheesecake.  I don't even like cheesecake but this was through the roof amazing.
So while winter may never, ever end...I have found a bit of heaven an hour south of the cities, in a cave, with cheese.

06 April 2013

Oh Baby I Love Easter!

I love Easter.  Love it.  But it's the one holiday that always makes me super homesick.  We had crazy fun on Easter when I was a kid.  Family traditions galore.  In an attempt to keep some holiday spirit going I made my Sunday School kids a giant Peep cake.
It was 20 lbs of frosting and cake, all dusted with sparkly yellow sugar.  I was pretty impressed with myself, until we cut into it and I realized that strawberry cake was probably not the way to go...
It went from a holiday celebration to a holiday massacre.  I was slightly mortified, and humored.

I spent the day missing home, craving a hot dog, and waiting for "Hanson:  The Next Generation" to show up.  I waited, and waited, and waited, and then....
He was due 6 days prior but in true Hanson style he waited for a holiday to come into the world...AND he was born on the 31st.  Babies born on the 31st are THE BEST.  Little Liam Christopher came in at 7lbs 15oz and 20 inches long.  Jillian was a rock star and went old school with the deliver. 

Could this family get any cuter?  No.  The answer is no.
Liam is a little "meatball" and we all think he is perfect with a capital P.  He's the best Hanson yet!  And I am one hap-hap-happy auntie!
I mean look at this little man, in the cradle his daddy made for him.  Perfection I say, PERFECTION.